What is the Maximum Suction Power of the Laguna Tool B Flux Dust Collector?

The maximum suction power of the Laguna Tool B Flux Dust Collector is determined by a combination of factors, including the power of the motor, the efficiency of the filtration system, and the maximum airflow of the dust collector.

The B Flux is equipped with a 1 horsepower motor that provides plenty of power to effectively collect dust and debris in a workshop setting. It also has a 1-micron canister that provides 99.97% filtration of particles between 0.2 and 2 microns, and 17.2 square feet of polyester spun bond pleated filter to ensure maximum airflow.

These features work together to provide strong suction power and efficient dust collection. Without more specific information about the size and type of debris being collected, it is not possible to provide a specific measurement of the maximum suction power of the B|Flux dust collector.

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