Laguna Tool B-Flux Dust Collector Review

The Laguna Tool B-Flux Dust Collector can be served as a good option if you are searching for a dust collector that you can use for detailed cleaning and blow up each particle of dust. Because of its steel design and efficient construction, it will be sure to prove highly durable. It works on a motor of 1 horsepower, 110 Volts, and 8.4 Amps.


The powerful motor results in the provision of excellent dust collecting performance from the air. The collector works on a low noise level so it won’t be proved irritating and disturbing while collecting dust through it. It comes with the patented snap band so after the collection of dust in a bag, you can feasibly change the bag. The horizontal dust chute is also a part of it that ensures the delivery of maximum airflow.

Laguna Tool B-Flux Dust Collector Review

Laguna Tool B-Flux Dust Collector Review

For turning the 4-inch face of the dust chute downward you can swivel it up to 180 degrees. The Laguna Tool B-Flux Dust Collector offers 99.97% filtration of the particles through its 1-micron canister. With easy functioning, it is also easier to clean as you can clean it simply through hand cranking which provides prevention against filter clogging.

The laguna b flux manual product comes with a dimension of 29 x 14.8 x 50.4 inches. Moreover, its assembling does not require much of your effort and it is also convenient to save because of its size. The collector also holds a wheel which makes it easy to move all around.

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To sum up, we can say that it is one of the best solutions if you want to remove dust particles from the surface or air. It is easier to assemble, easier functioning, and easier cleaning properties make it more noticeable.

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Moreover, it is portable as well so you can conveniently take it by using its wheels. Its maximum durability makes it more worth buying and reliable so you can surely ponder over it while searching for a Laguna Tool B-Flux Dust Collector.



  • Powerful motor
  • Works at minimum noise
  • Maximum airflow through dust chute
  • Replaceable dust bags
  • Easier to assemble and use
  • Highly durable construct
  • Portable using its wheels
  • No place for wrapping cord after use